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Saturn Ross
The Local Bird-Brain
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Default Had an idea in the Sound Test menu...

So, after having played games like Distance, Azure Striker Gunvolt and the like, I noticed something that they too have in common with SRB2, and had an idea to incorporate this somewhere...

SRB2's Sound Test has that jukebox that bounces *in sync* to the music! I was thinking it might be possible to have other things in game sync up to tracks being played, for example, pulsing lights in a Techno Hill style stage, or a HUD element like Gunvolt's Kudos meter. It would be a really cool effect to pull off in a stage or something, and I was wondering if any code relating to that Sound Test jukebox could be utilized by scripts. It'd be one heck of a way to get a mod to stand out, but there's also one issue here. The only way I see it working for stage textures is to get them to simply pulse at the same beat the music does without scripting, but dying could possibly de-sync the level from the music.

I picked up Zone Builder recently, and have been putting effort into learning it, so who knows? I dunno if I'll be able to pull it off myself currently, but I would love to see this in a mod someday!
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