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Default A couple of questions

How do i make flight and have it connected to a hud bar then when drained it stops flying

How do i make projectile work i've looked at the tutorial and i don't know how to get it to work and how do i make it a beam sorta like the kamehameha

How do i put a cap number on the hud bar

Thank anyone if they can help me with this

And I'll give credit

P.s this is for a character I'm making
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Projectiles baffled me a bit too. This is one I finally was able to make (or an older version of it):


SpriteName = ARMA
SpriteFrame = A
Duration = 70
Next = S_POSS_RUN2
Action = A_ShootBullet

Object MT_NANI
SeeState = S_NULL
SeeSound = sfx_None
AttackSound = sfx_None
PainState = S_NULL
PainSound = sfx_None
MeleeState = S_NULL
MissileState = S_NULL
XDeathState = S_NULL
DeathSound = sfx_turhit
ActiveSound = sfx_None
RaiseState = S_NULL
SpawnHealth = 1000
ReactionTime = 8
PainChance = 0
Speed = 20*FRACUNIT
Radius = 16*FRACUNIT
Height = 8*FRACUNIT
DispOffset = 300
Mass = 0
Damage = 1
The sprite name uses the Armageddon shield sprite - look through here to find something more fitting for a laser beam. Looks like you'll want S_LASER for the state and to check through the actions - That's part of the trick with this, finding the right actions and states and figuring out how to use it

Note that I myself am still doing tweaks to my current version, let alone this one, but if you're experimenting to see what works, I'd suggest changing just one field at a time to see what happens
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Thanks but it didn't work
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