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Default TAL2 MT_TAILSOVERLAY sprites lose vertical offset if on a Gunslinger w/ offset 59, 30

I tried to get screenshots by exaggerating the vertical offset to make it obvious but it didn't replicate without an offset of 59 or 30. I suspect it's every vertical offset below a specific number

Made it a big blue square to figure out roughly what was going on (and coloured squares in general to find out which frame Gunslinger was calling from). Notice with Gunslinger used you can see the tops of the ears and the control gem, but when falling forward through water, it goes to the proper offset

Click image for larger version

Name:	srb20052.png
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Name:	srb20051.png
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ID:	38699

EDIT: I also have replicated this in unmodded by using Devmode to give Tails the Gunslinger ability, his tails drop right off his bum, the reason I used my mod to demonstrate the issue is it's more subtle on Tails due to how big his tails already are and the lower offset difference

Click image for larger version

Name:	srb20057.png
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Wow my account was edgy. Working on a revamp of my old Tails Doll mod

Last edited by Shadowater; 1 Week Ago at 09:27 PM. Reason: Typo - Gunslighter to Gunslinger. Added note
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