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Default followitem = MT_TAILSOVERLAY loses its offset while using Gunslinger - Help fixing?

I noticed with my Tails Doll mod, the tails drop to the ground. Checked with Tails without any add-ons loaded and, sure enough, his tails drop too

Any way to keep it from changing the offset to 0 when firing? It's honestly very bizarre it does this at all, and feels like a glitch if anything in the Gunslinger behaviour since Tails doesn't really get access to it, the one user of it doesn't use followitem, and the only other one that does fire stuff is the Metal Sonic boss fight, but his followitem only appears if he is moving, and gunslinger requires you to stay still

So any way to fix this, or is this an actual bug the developers need to fix?

EDIT: Figured out which frame. It's TAL2 that just... Drops to the ground

I'm now pretty sure this is a bug

EDIT 2: Aaand now I can't replicate it. wut. I replicated it dozens of times when testing, but now that I have which one it is pegged down with a clear marker system to compare, I can't replicate it

Well, least problem solved?

EDIT 3: Nope it's back, it's SPECIFICALLY an offset of 59 it hates. This is so bizarre...

EDIT 4: Definitely a bug, I reported it. Thread solved
Wow my account was edgy. Working on a revamp of my old Tails Doll mod

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