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Default Any good tutorials on making projectiles?

Namely I wanted to make a custom projectile for my character mod (planning on trying out a few variants - including a slow moving one that can break Power Character walls if I can figure that out - to see what works best with this) but the SOC tutorial is based around enemy characters and I'm not sure where in the game's files the SOCs for projectiles are stored, if at all, to give me a template to work off of (I learn stuff like this best when I can mess around with existing stuff to figure out the ins and outs)

Honestly, if I could even just get my hands on a SOC of Metal Sonic's single large energy ball, I could figure out the rest from there

Also, additional question: I assume the projectile SOC and its sprites have to come before the character SOC and sprites in the WAD for it to load correctly? Or would that not matter so long as it's all in the same WAD?
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The Marcos
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I don't think there's any tutorial on that, but you can use an already existing missile as reference to create your own one, such as Fang's cork or Brak's missile.
These pages have the object info and states of both the cork and missile, if that's what you're looking for.
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Yep that's perfect, thanks!

EDIT: For anybody curious and looking for a sample SOC for projectiles, here is what I got once I rooted out the errors:


SpriteName = ARMA
SpriteFrame = A
Duration = 70
Next = S_POSS_RUN2
Action = A_ShootBullet

Object MT_NANI
SeeState = S_NULL
SeeSound = sfx_None
AttackSound = sfx_None
PainState = S_NULL
PainSound = sfx_None
MeleeState = S_NULL
MissileState = S_NULL
XDeathState = S_NULL
DeathSound = sfx_turhit
ActiveSound = sfx_None
RaiseState = S_NULL
SpawnHealth = 1000
ReactionTime = 8
PainChance = 0
Speed = 20*FRACUNIT
Radius = 16*FRACUNIT
Height = 8*FRACUNIT
DispOffset = 300
Mass = 0
Damage = 1

Tweaking it more, but if you want something to edit, put this in exactly as is, but change MT_NANI to be MT_(whatever you name your SOC) and change the S_SKIN's revitem to revitem = MT_(whatever you name your SOC)
Wow my account was edgy. Working on a revamp of my old Tails Doll mod

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