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Default Fancy Waterfalls

Does anyone know how to make a 3d realistic waterfall? All I know how to do is make a water pool and give one of the walls a waterfall texture, but that doesn't look good on a big waterfall. I tried sloping water just like I would with floors using linedef 700, but it didn't work.

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Here's a picture of what I want the waterfall to look like. Right now its just a wall with a waterfall texture on it.

PS: I just realized that this thread should have been posted in the "Editing Help" sub-forum. My bad :(
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You need a bunch of sloped water FOFs.
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Sloped FOFs are actually quite simple to make. First, you'll have to create a FOF normally. Once you do that, create a sector behind it, and change the connected linedef's special to a slope (the slope specials should start at Ld type 700). Make sure the control sector is angled, and you have a sloped FOF. This should work with any FOF type, including the Water FOFs.
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