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My thoughts on your posting
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Default Injustice: Gods Among Us - A GOOD DC fighter!

So, there's a fighting game coming out mid-April that I'm looking forward to. Hopefully you'll be looking forward to it, too! (And the topic is called such because there already was a DC fighting game. It wasn't very good.

So, what is this?

Injustice: Gods Among Us is a 2.5D (2D gameplay with 3D models, like Street Fighter 4 or Marvel 3) fighting game based on the heroes and villains of the DC Universe. It's the third game to be released by Netherrealm Studios, the creators of the Mortal Kombat reboot from 2011.

Wait, Mortal Kombat? I dunno, I don't like blood/fatalities/the block button.

Don't worry, it's T rated. There's a little blood, sure, but nothing you wouldn't see in, say, the original Street Fighter 2. You could make people throw up in that game, you know. Point is, there aren't any sort of fatalities or finishing moves, so if you don't like those, no problem. Sure, you can have Superman punch people into space as a super attack, but he'll do it non-fatally.

But there aren't any Mortal Kombat characters in there, are there?

None that I know of. IF we got any, it'd probably just be one as DLC, and even that isn't likely.

What's the story?

The main premise for the story is that a new regime made up of some of the members of the Justice League, led by Superman, have found humanity lacking in its ability to govern itself and now use their powers and a large army to placate the masses in the name of keeping order. Batman is on the other side of this conflict leading an insurgency against Superman. The Joker's also involved, and he's basically behind how all this happened.

There'll be a two hour story mode where every fight has a cutscene before it. How it'll work is that every fight will have an in-engine cutscene before it. If you take the fights out, you'll end up with what's basically a two hour superhero movie, which is pretty awesome.

There's also a digital comic you can buy that takes place before the events of the game. It's worth picking up, but if you can't spare the money, there's spoilers as to what happens floating around the internet.

So what makes it play differently form Mortal Kombat?

Glad you asked!

- A new button setup, more like BlazBlue. There's Light/Medium/Heavy attack buttons, along with a special 'hero' button that does something different per character. Batman gets a bunch of batarangs that hover around him he can either fire out or use as a shield, and The Flash can slow down time temporarily.
- There's no block button. You hold back to block, just like Capcom and SNK games.
- Every character has different moves in the air, so if that bothered you in MK, don't worry.
- Matches are one long round, and everybody gets two health bars. If you ever played Darkstalkers 3 or Killer Instinct, it's like that.
- The game's generally faster, and some characters, like Superman, can do air dashes to get around.
- You can use one bar of your super meter to enhance your special moves after they hit, or you can use them to cancel out of certain moves and animations to keep your combo going. You can also use two bars to do an attack that'll bounce your opponent either off of the ground or against the wall.
- You can switch from Mortal Kombat-style special move inputs to Capcom-style inputs, like quarter circles and half circles.
- You can record movements for dummies in the training mode and use them to practice. Or, you can get online with another player and practice that way.
- Enviromental features! All the levels have objects that different characters can use in different ways to damage their opponent. Batman can grab an opponent and slam them into a car. Superman can grab a car and slam it onto his opponent. Or, you can pick up a rocket launcher from a display case and shoot it at your opponent. This isn't like Smash Brothers, all the objects will always be in the same place. Some can be reused, some can't.
- Every character also has a charged attack, which, if done at the edge of the screen, will send them to a new part of the stage after a small cutscene.
- If you're the kind of person who gets into the heavy technical details, you can see the frames of every move and combo in the moves list.

I'm not sure if I like how this enviromental thing sounds.

You can turn it off, actually.

Who's in it so far?

Well, along with Batman, Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, The Joker, and Green Lantern, we've got...


Captain Marvel
Deathstroke (You might know him better as Slade from Teen Titans)
The Flash
Green Arrow
Green Lantern
Harley Quinn
The Joker
Lex Luthor
Solomon Grundy
Wonder Woman

Can I get some videos?

Sure! Spoilered in case you want to keep some of the characters secret.

And when does it come out?

April 16th in the US, April 17th in Australia, and April 19th in Europe for the PS3, 360, and the WiiU.

So how does The Joker knock Superman through a skyscraper?

Same way Phoenix Wright beats Galactus in a fight!

(Seriously, nobody knows yet. They'll probably explain in the story.)
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Also, check out The 90's Time Machine!

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Shadow Hog
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Originally Posted by Bobinator View Post
So how does The Joker knock Superman through a skyscraper?

Same way Phoenix Wright beats Galactus in a fight!

(Seriously, nobody knows yet. They'll probably explain in the story.)
Kryptonite fog, clearly
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