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Default website is not working

so im trying to download the game but the website literally just doesn't work. every time i open it, it says 403 forbidden and that i dont have permission to access the website. just wanted to know if anyone else was having this issue and if there is a possible fix. thank you in advance.
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Singey Yumbo
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Congratulations, you are not alone in this!
Hello! Welcome to the Hamhock Diner, how may I help you today?

One chicken pizza, please.

Alright, coming up!
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STJr Team Representative
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We are looking into the issue.
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Basic Bronze Sonic
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For those who are wondering the wiki is having the same exact problem and will most likely be fixed when the website problem gets fixed, your welcome for awnsering that question.

In the meantime hang out here or at the discord server while things get patched up.
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