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Default Ubuntu questions

Hey peeps, a few questions here. Today I'll make the switch from Windows to Ubuntu. (20.04 LTS gets released today so I hope Victor will make a build available for Focal on the Launchpad PPA)

1. Can I copy the save and gamedata file to the Ubuntu version of SRB2? I mean I wouldn't mind to start over again, but I'm just curious.

2. I see that there's 2.1 available on Launchpad. Is there a way to install that version? I'm asking in case I want to play 2.1 instead for kicks. Or does it need to be built for Focal aswell? I'm pretty new to Linux. If not, I guess I can use WINE, right?

3. Let's say 2.3 gets released. Will I need to start over when updating? I guess some files won't be compatible with 2.3 anymore but again, I wouldn't mind to start over. Just curious.

I had a fourth question in mind but I forgot. Maybe I'll recall sooner or later.

Thanks in advance! :)
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1. Yep, no problem (unless the Linux build works differently from other ports for some reason).

3. You always have to start from scratch for major releases. But that's not really an issue. After all, 2.3 won't be released for another 3-5 years.
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