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Default Icezer's Editing/Workshop Thread

Hey all. So I thought I'd make a little thread to show off some projects. I have only one project started, but my collection will soon grow.

I attempted to make a side jumping sprite of a certain robotic doppelganger, and can say 100% that I may not be able to finish Silver Sonic.

The first of a few projects I wanted to badly start, but the only hurdle with this one is sprites. I can do some pretty good line work, but have trouble shading/coloring. Other than that I have abilities and everything planned out.

More coming to this thread soon.
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Alright, this one looks epic. We may finally have all Sonic's metal doppelgangers in one place.

My only advice on shading and coloring is to keep practicing. The official Discord has some good references there on how to do it (made by MotorRoach I believe), and if all else fails you could certainly release a spritesheet of the linework here for someone to pick up and work on.
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