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Default S_SKIN alt sounds - closed captions

I'm working on a sound overhaul for a pk3 i'm making.

Almost every sound I replaced was changed in the S_SKIN, and I was wondering: is there any way to change what the closed captions say for those?
Example: instead of ".[Jump]" it appeared as ".[Boing]", or instead of ".[Dying]" it appeared as ".[Ow]".
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Sure, so if your sound is DSBOING for example, you can put this in a SOC:

Sound sfx_boing
Caption Boing
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Nope, sadly that's not how it works. As the developer of that system, Closed Captions are general across all characters, explicitly using the original caption instead of any replacement string. It's necessary to get the system to work with Captions at all, since it kind of exists "to the side" of the traditional sound internals in a seperate list per-character, and before this was done captions were frequently showing up incorrectly when the sound was called by a player.. Sorry for the technical restriction.
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