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Default Help me with ultimate mode in old srb2

I'm playing version 1.09.4 of srb2 (cause it's the one I played as a child) and I read that there are some cool secrets you can unlock by finishing the game in ultimate mode.

But I tried this sh## 4 times, and failed, and I'm not playing it again. So, I wanna know, is there a easy way to get this done?

I tried to use the gamedata file from srb2 1.09.2, since I could load directly in the final boss battle, and my work was a lot easier, and use it in 1.09.4, but I think it didn't work. Can I download the complete file somewhere?

Or I could use cheats, the problem is that the game won't save. Is there a way to save the game progress using cheats?

All help is welcome!

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Nevermind, using the 1.09.2 file worked
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If I remember correctly, in 1.09.4, you could collect all the emeralds in Ultimate mode, and then collecting a new emblem token would give you 50 rings (and the ability to go Super, if you're Sonic). Other than that, there's no real tricks - you just gotta get through it. It's stressful and you'll fail a few times, but Ultimate in final demo isn't unreasonable - certainly easier than Ultimate in 2.0 onwards.
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