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Old 12-08-2019   #21
The one and only!
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Im amazed at the quality in the game now. I was smiling through out the whole playthrough
~ MK
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Old 12-08-2019   #22
Augus's Avatar

Man, this update practically feels like a new game.
Are the old "adventure"-style controls removed from the game now? I'm playing with a control and it doesn't feel good at all having the thok directed where the camera is facing instead of the direction I'm moving.
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Old 12-08-2019   #23

Okay this update would be downright amazing but the horrendous framerate in ECZ just kinda ruins it for me
Even on OGL (which is the fastest renderer between the two btw) the game goes down to 8 fps
I get this is the literal first version and ofc there will be bugs but please for the love of god optimize the game (and the rest assuming it's just as laggy)
Also, in my download there was no .bat file for OGL, i had to get SRB2 Launcher (which surprisingly works on even fucking 2.2) just to launch OGL
but besides that the update is fucking amazing
It's to the point where i think it could even be an actual Saturn game
Just optimize it for us low end users plz.. thanks (also can't wait for the mods, if this is what the devs can do imagine SRB2Kart or a port of the SUGOI trilogy)
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Old 12-08-2019   #24

Originally Posted by Augus View Post
Man, this update practically feels like a new game.
Are the old "adventure"-style controls removed from the game now? I'm playing with a control and it doesn't feel good at all having the thok directed where the camera is facing instead of the direction I'm moving.
Seconding this, but also to add that moving left or right without the camera moving with it is really uncomfy; at least on a gamepad. Said this in the other 2.2 topic but I think it needs to be heard, because it seems like the popular opinion here is that 'analog mode' was no good.. even though it's easily the most enjoyable way I've played the game. lol

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Old 12-08-2019   #25
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Nevermind what I said about my problems with the torrent, I downloaded the game from GitHub.
You can refer me as TheRetroRenegade cuz I can't change my username. YouTube: (Yes, William Arkwright is my real name)
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Old 12-08-2019   #26
Wombatwarlord777's Avatar

Hey guys, congrats on the release! I'm really loving all the changes made for 2.2!
I've changed my DevianTART account yet again, and developed a crappy role-playing element to boot!
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Old 12-08-2019   #27
Generally Friendly
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I have to say, hats off to everyone involved in development. You guys have all outdone yourselves.

Everything feels beautiful and polished. The levels feel massively improved, some of the new secrets are legitimately surprising, the soundtrack has (impossibly) improved...

Congrats guys, you have taken something that was already special, and turned it into something legitimately incredible. You're the best. :)

Also, I LOVE the new intro.


Old Intro: *Eggman Basically nukes an entire city, which kind of feels... Off for classic eggman?*


Me: *cracks up and points at it* "Now THIS is a proper motivating incident!"

Enjoy turn-based RPGs? Looking for a bit of challenge?
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Old 12-08-2019   #28
Callum's Avatar

I'm just an old face stopping by for the first time in 10 years or so, but I just wanted to say congratulations on the new release. SRB2 has come a long, long way since the last time I was working on it, and I'm so glad that there are new people who are much more talented and dedicated than I ever was turning this into the perfect Sonic fangame it deserves to be. There's something special about labours of love like SRB2, it's fantastic that it's been around for as long as it has.

Looking forward to seeing all the resulting new context. Heck, maybe one of these days I'll throw myself into the gauntlet again! (ah hahaha...)
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Old 12-08-2019   #29
i 2 i
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Congratulations on the release!
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Old 12-08-2019   #30
Just A Random Player.
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Default 10/10 Best Sonic Game

after finishing it with a friend I can say it's the best 3D sonic game yet!
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Old 12-08-2019   #31
a scar in time...
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Having a blast so far. A 3D blast...
Seriously, the amount of polish and improvement to the art, textures, and music is incredible. I haven't gotten to play too much yet, but I just wanted to leave an initial thanks for you devs. Y'all are awesome.
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Old 12-08-2019   #32
Spookachu's Avatar

Its been *How much that meme said* years...
Jokes aside I'm excited to see that we get a release now. I've been supporting SRB2 since the 2.0.6 times. Now lets give them the rest that they deserve for doing such hard work over the years!
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Old 12-08-2019   #33
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Just popping in to congratulate STJR on the 2.2 release. The game looks nice, sounds nice and plays nice. After six years, the dev team needs a long well deserved break. Keep up the good work.

(Also the new soundtrack is fire)
Hey how's it going!
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Old 12-08-2019   #34
There and back again~
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I played through most of the single player with Sonic & Tails and I love it! It really does feel like an all-new game and all of the stages now feel like they have a very consistent quality and interest to them. I enjoyed how I was constantly running into a new gimmick.

And I'm still bad at the game! I started dying at Castle Eggman and started really burning through lives and continues at ACZ and RVZ which is probably about right for the difficulty curve. I played until I got a game over in ERZ1. Castle Eggman might be my favorite design now, and while RVZ is probably still my least favorite (relatively speaking) its way more interesting than it ever was before.

Congratulations devs on a job well done! I'm looking forward to jumping back in with some more characters or looking for unlockables.
All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you. ~Mithrandir
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Old 12-08-2019   #35
Trolo Bobo
Get "N" or get out!
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Aw, what happened to the beautiful round pipes in THZ2? They were awesome!

Anyway, playing this version felt like experiencing the game for the first time again, all the details are beyond titanic and I can't express how thankful I am to all the devs and artists for their work! (Btw, the addition of slopes in most of the game makes their absence painfully obvious in the later stages/special /multiplayer ones, but I know you'll get around to polish that in the very next major update so nevermind :))
"A delayed game is eventually good, but a bad game is bad forever." - Shigeru Miyamoto
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Old 12-09-2019   #36
The board's UK Ecologist
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Well well well. It looks like the big guns have finally been drawn out!

And after a several year hiatus from the game (and here) I’ve decided to return and give 2.2 a crack, and WOW! That’s literally how to describe it.

You guys have really outdone yourselves big time. It doesn’t feel like just an update; but more of an evolution of the fan game everyone’s come to know and enjoy over the years. The presentation, music, and the art style is just truly fantastic. Congratulations, and a big well done to all those involved to making srb2 what it is today.

I may even make a regular appearance back on here now now this is out now. I shall look forward to see what else this version has to offer.
Everyone is entitled to their own truthful opinion on this planet...
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Old 12-09-2019   #37
Augus's Avatar

The new music for CEZ2 slaps.
All the zones (except ERZ which is mostly unchanged) have so much more personality and interactive elements and have way more cool setpieces than they did before. The game feels a lot more lively as a whole.
The incorporation of slopes has done a lot for the game. Classic Sonic always has these moments where you can just let gravity take over and fling you across the levels at exhilarating speeds. For the longest time SRB2 didn't really have this at all, until now!
I absolutely love the bowling pin noise for dynamite in ACZ, super satisfying.
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Old 12-09-2019   #38
I'm back!!!
FlysterTheFox's Avatar

I'm so glad that srb2 2.2 is finally released! Now all we have to do is to port 2.1 mods to 2.2..
Coronavirus: *exists*
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Old 12-09-2019   #39
Sonix_Corporation's Avatar

When using the Amy rose model I get an error
State S_BLINKHEART allocated.
WARNING: characters/Amy_Rose.wad|LUA_ROSY:91: state 'S_PLAY_FALL1' does not exist.

Loading object config from characters/Amy_Rose.wad
Amy_Rose.wad added 70 frames in 4 sprites

I_Error(): R_LoadSkinSprites: no frames found for sprite SPR2_STND

I_ShutdownGraphics(): shut down
Shutting down joy system
I_Joystick: SDL's Joystick system has been shutdown
I_ShutdownTcpDriver: shut down
I_ShutdownSystem(): end of logstream.
How do I add character models to my server? Thanks in advance for the answer. (Translated from Russian).
That's what happens to all the models I've had.

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Old 12-09-2019   #40
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You can't use the models from 2.1 with version 2.2, they need to be updated by the author.
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