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Default Questions about how SRB2K maps work

I've been on the KartKrew Discord for over a year, but I hadn't joined the MB until today. Hello!

I'm trying to learn about how maps in SRB2Kart work, so I went through some Zone Builder tutorials, looked at maps in ZB, and did additional research. I have a few more questions about certain maps that I haven't found answers for yet.
I know what Boss Waypoints are and what they do, but I noticed that some maps, like Sand Valley (MAP19) have their waypoints' "Extra" flag set. What does that flag do?

Also, Dark Race (MAP02) has sectors just after the river which seem to act like checkpoints using the control sector above. Why don't they have the Star Post Activator effect themselves, like all the other sectors with checkpoints?

I hope I'm being clear enough. Thanks in advance for your help.

Last edited by Lugitaro; 3 Weeks Ago at 12:45 AM. Reason: one of the questions was cleared up for me already
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