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My thoughts on your posting
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Default Perfect Dark for XBLA

So yeah, this is coming out on XBLA for only $10, with a constant 60 FPS count (one of the flaws with the N64 version), and 8-player online deathmatch, along with split-screen/system link modes. I'll be looking forward to using the Farsight again, personally.

If you haven't played Perfect Dark, it's pretty much the best FPS on N64, and probably one of the best FPSes in general. The weapons are really awesome (a lot of them can be held akimbo), the difficulty actually changes mission objectives instead of just increasing enemy health, and there's actually a 'counter-op' mode, which I don't think many games have ever done.

The release date is March 17th.
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PDZ should've had counter-op. Sadface.

Although PDZ kicks enough hindquarters that I honestly don't think that the original could have any merits, aside from new single player content.
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Oh man, that is seriously tempting. The concept of being able to play some of the modes that game had without the framerate drop the original had for $10 is enticing. I played this game to death on the N64, and had a complete blast. I STILL don't know how they figured out how to put that much voice onto an N64 cartridge.
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I have yet to play Perfect Dark yet, I think I'll pick this up along with After Burner Climax and DooM 2 once their ported to XBLA as well.

Seeing how I've played Goldeneye N64 before, I think I'll like this one as well.
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