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Blaze The Cat
& Knuckles
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Default Skyboxes only use Z movement?

I found it very, very strange that Skyboxes do not follow the player on the X and Y co-ordinates. Not only does it not feel natural, but it almost gave me motion sickness when I first tried this:

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Monster Iestyn
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This is not a bug, you need to add a second Skybox Viewpoint some place in-map with the "Object Special" flag checked. This turns it into the Skybox's center point, from which it can follow the player along the X/Y axes.

As a future note it helps to do your research fully before concluding that a feature is nonexistent, we have at least two wiki articles that tell you stuff about Skyboxes (here and here btw) which do indeed mention that "Object Special" does stuff.
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