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Default Whats the perfect Sonic moveset?

It doesn't matter if its 2d or 3d! It counts for all genres.

In my opinion, I'd say uncurling with the drop dash and the super peelout with wall jumping. It gives a Sonic CD-esque moveset, straying from a generic moveset, and closer to a Toei Sonic styled one.
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I would say that for Sonic less is more. Adding too many abilities would make the game a bit too complicated (this is why boost game can be confusing in some 2D sections where unique mechanics are used in).

I would still agree that for Classic 2D the insta-shield can be a very useful offense tool against bosses when mastered and for Modern 3D games the light dash can be interesting in some levels (as long as it's mapped on another button).

I've always felt like the super peelout was just a spin-less spindash and the wall-running/wall-jumping in modern game is maybe too much to add in the moveset.

Finally there's one ability which I love in certain romhacks and fangame, it's the air roll (where you can roll mid-air after jumping on a spring) because you're too often vulnerable once using them.
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What fundamentally separates Sonic from other characters in a 2D environment is that he's not designed to have any sort of central gimmick apart from "movement"; using Mania as an example, Tails' gameplay is all about exploration and ease of use, Knuckles is defined by his complexity and slower pacing, Mighty is about power, Ray is about aerial mobility.

Sonic's abilities in each game have generally been all about providing the player with bursts of mobility, either in the air or on the ground; super peelout, dropdash, and all three shield abilities follow this design philosophy. (Insta-shield is perhaps the sole exception to this rule.)

The super peelout, spindash, and dropdash being ground-based abilities means that Sonic, more so than any other character, interacts with the level design in a very fundamental way that has its roots in the Sonic series' emphasis on momentum and pinball physics. Sonic having comparatively less platforming options in terms of platforming compared to other characters is also compensated for by his shield abilities; this means, in addition to levels being already designed around Sonic, the shields themselves can be strategically placed in levels based on whichever would work best to Sonic's advantage.

While there are many differences between Modern and Classic, Sonic's design in games such as Unleashed and Colors similar place an emphasis on the way Sonic interacts by the level design itself through his mobility; it somewhat reflects the transition Mario made into 3D, relying less on pure momentum to gain jump height and more on a slew of mobility related tools that add a sense of technical mobility.

Without delving too much into moveset complexity, I think Sonic benefits the most from having tools that enhance the way in which Sonic interacts with the level design and capitalize on the game's core physics. I think the dropdash is a good example of this, and I think there are also some examples of modern abilities that could potentially have a use in the momentum-based format.

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Sonic has lots of abilities, all in different games. You can make any ability Sonic's ever used work well if you tweak it enough or if you make the levels you put him in work well with them.
I don't really have a perfect Sonic move set, but I do really like Neo Sonic's Homing Thok and adventure-style spindashing and jumping.
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