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Is there even any reason to use Firefox nowadays? I switched to Chrome a looong time ago

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Originally Posted by CobaltBW View Post
Is there even any reason to use Firefox nowadays? I switched to Chrome a looong time ago
An interesting discussion that I found. Firefox, compared to Chrome, from personal experience, is on par or better on performance (as of Firefox 54's major boost to speed) and more efficient (oh boy Chrome's RAM usage). It is also privacy-orientated unlike Chrome and has a lot more customization stuff.

Starting to get a little off topic here probably, though...
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<toaster> this link that was posted a while back
<toaster> holy shit, Mystic being actually peppy about character WADs and not completely dejected by their existence
<toaster> 06/30/2003
<MascaraSnake> That's what 14 years and countless SMS clones do to a guy, I guess
<MonsterIestyn> uploading the Shadow wad was clearly a big deal back in the day
<toaster> also, lmao
<toaster> Mystic - (02/13/2003): ...all the links have now been fixed and repointed, so we should be fine, unless Sepwich dies without warning ^_~
<toaster> Mystic - (10/26/2003): ...the bad news is that Sepwich died and all data was lost.
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