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Some crazy Roblox dude
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Default Anyone heard of these rare games?

Edit: "Anyone heard of these games?" Monster Box is a game where you can upgrade your stick figures and upgrade monsters to get more coins. It's almost like RPG but different.
Play the game below if you never heard of it.

Stick Ranger is a RPG game (but it's 2d, not top down) where you play as 4 stick figures getting gear and going on adventure. They also need to defeat BOSSES!
Play this if you never heard of this!

Powder Game is a sandbox game where you can make your own levels using (powder, nitro, etc..) And 2 players are included!
Or if you never seen this!

Comment what you have seen! :P
Congratulations! You wasted a second of your life!

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Zwip-Zwap Zapony
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I have heard of them. I remember having played(?) a lot of Powder Game when I was much younger, and recently I remembered both that game and having also played a bit of Stick Ranger on the same site.
I didn't know how to play Stick Ranger back then, but I definitely remember how terrain looked and first-level enemies were and such, and now that I understand how video games work and such, I wanted to try playing Stick Ranger again... so I went on a long hunt for the Dan-Ball site, not remembering the name, but remembering the site's look.

The hunt involved me trying to find Powder Game, which I did by searching for things like "sandbox game" and such on Google. I eventually found a Reddit post about "the original sandbox game is gone" or such, which contained a comment/reply with a link to Powder Game (to which other people responded stuff like "this is the one that I remember"), and then I went there, found Stick Ranger, and played it a bit.

I now play Stick Ranger 3 quarters or so 5 days a week or so on my smartphone when I'm not doing other stuff. (The Android version features annoying advertisements/ads, but if you don't have internet connectivity while playing it, it won't show any ads (other than a simple "Dan-Ball" site logo image), so I just don't leave internet connectivity active while playing it.)

I have to say... Stick Ranger is a lot more in-depth than it looks at first glance, but it also features a lot of semi-/fully-boring grinding (especially with the play styles and class setups that I use), though the slow grinding just makes it feel even better for me whenever I can successfully progress through another level.

I don't remember Monster Box from back then, but I have played it much recently as well, on a computer with it just open in the background while I interact with it sometimes. I definitely think of it as more of a semi-"clicker" type of game than a "role-playing" game, though.

TL;DR: I have heard of Powder Game and Stick Ranger many years ago, and I've recently re-found them and started playing Stick Ranger and Monster Box.
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Monster Iestyn
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Figure I may as well ask: how are these "rare" exactly?
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Sometimes I sprite "things"
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Maybe the real question here is "Anyone heard of these games?" Because I don't see something strange or "rare" in those games.
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