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Default How do i install SRB2 PSP

I got a psp and i dont know how to install srb2 in to it

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If I understand correctly, you're going to have to find a way to install homebrew on your PSP before being able to play SRB2 on it. There are numerous ways to do this, so Google it.

Even after that's accomplished, SRB2 PSP is notorious for lagging on the more intensive levels. I wouldn't recommend putting in the effort.
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If you're honestly desperate to try the game in such a smoldering state, you'll need to know the PSP you have, and the OFW that you have installed. I have a PSP-2001 with 6.20 installed. I simply searched a how-to and got a guide that shows me how to install and run the CFW software from a Memory Stick PRO Duo (or a variant that fits the port) and my PSP now runs 6.20 PRO-C2.

After that, find the PSP port of SRB2, dump it on the Memory Stick in X:\PSP\Games (where X is a drive letter) and make sure you've got the SRB2 data files copied over.
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in the X:\PSP\Games create a folder *srb2 psp* then put in all those file
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