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Ashley The Fox
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Default Can't load custom flash palettes

I was working with a creepypasta and I'm asking if SRB2 allows custom flash palettes. I'm trying to add a whole red flash palette, but I can't see it appearing during gameplay. The palette is usually saved in WAD, I've tried everything I found but none of them do what I want to do. Does anyone here know what I should do?
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nanananananananananananan a
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Can you give a little more detail as to the method you're trying to use to display the custom palette? Here are some things to note:
  • Loading a custom palette from an addon file doesn't work in OpenGL unless you add it before the game loads, i.e. using command line parameters or autoexec.cfg. This may be your issue if you prefer that renderer.
  • Custom palettes can only be activated using addfile or on level load with a custom level header. If you want to use a custom palette at any other point, you'll have to add it as a flash palette index on a separate custom palette lump and then use the Lua function P_FlashPal in a script to activate it.
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