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Default Super Smash Blast (LUA editing)

I got this random idea last night to make a Super Smash Bros LUA for SRB2, this could be possible but I can't do lua, maybe you guys can figure it out?

Here is a picture of how I imagine it.

I wonder if you can make it!

The picture has a Green Sonic and a Teal Knuckles fighting, on the bottom is their "Damage" or "Health". I don't think changing colors of the text is a good idea, as there is only 1 red color for text.

(ToniczeHedgefox received an infraction for this post: Do not ask others to make your mod for you.)
Tonic ze Hedgefox, at your service.
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aka Cirom
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There used to be a Smash mod for SRB2 1.09.4, actually - viewable here. Though note that practically all the downloads / images / etc are completely outdated due to the mod being released before Brawl...

Would be nice to see something like that crop up again in 2.1, good luck! ;D
The name's Cirom! Maybe I'll get my username changed someday. Today is not that day.
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