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The Gamerman
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Default hmmm

Originally Posted by MADVAL2 View Post
No please!!!,I hate Scratch because it's bad
I'm going to use the Genesis Sonic Engine for Scratch, which is very good
Still working on it
d00d64 is ebicccccccccc
i got in trouble for posting my dc servers and they had nono channels, but they are back! Moderator safe!
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Warrior from Algol
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What is Scratch? Also who are you to stop people from doing stuff only because you dislike it?
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Scratch is an online game maker for beginners. It should be used for experimenting and learning the basics of programming. But the games you can make with it are really bad. Just look at the games on it. Its like those Flash bootlegs but much worse.
*thoks away from thread*
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