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Default Do NetGames Work in SRB2 Android?

I have Been trying to Use Srb2 Online for a few days now, Whenever I try to Browse Servers it says i need to update to the current version even though Im already on it, 2.2.6 or redownload (which i DID try redownloading) and whenever i Try to join Via IP Address, It Never loads, I waited a Straight up 10 minutes one time nothing happened... Anyone have a fix for this??? (P.S I saw a Youtube video with someone using netgames on a mobile device so this has to be possible in someway right???)

****UPDATE: I Got it Working Now! I had to Re apply all the 2.2.6 patch files because STJR messed up the first patch update
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There is a bug that everyone is getting with netgames that says you need to update to play online if so check what version you have and if it still happens just close and open the multiplayer tab. When you join with the Ip and it loads for ten minutes it means that you typed the Ip wrong or that that server is really laggy.
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It might be their ports not being opened, cause it must work (I play crossplay with an Android friend).
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