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Default Transferring game data and configuration files to Linux Flathub version of SRB2

Hello, everyone!

I have Linux Mint 20.04 installed in a dual-boot fashion alongside a copy of Windows 10, and I've been looking to reuse my game data and configuration files from my currently installed copy of Sonic Robo Blast 2 version 2.2.8 on the latter OS into the former one. So far, I know two possibilities of playing the game on Linux, both of them listed in the Downloads page of the official site of the game, one of them being the FlatPak option. However, after installing it with my software manager, I tried and failed so far to figure out where to fit the gamedata.dat, srb2savX.ssg and config.cfg files I copied from the Windows copy of the game through the /var/lib/flatpak/app/org.srb.SRB2/current/active/files folder and some of the deeper ones.

May I ask for some assistance in this regard? Am I trying to place them somewhere wrong? Or should I just try to learn to compile the app from source code instead?

I'd really love to not have to start from scratch with the progress I accumulated while playing this game on Windows, so any help is appreciated.

Thanks for reading!
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Maybe you could look in a home/SRB2 folder, idk I've never played SRB2 on Linux before.
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