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Default Which map name do i use?

Heyo! So, im planning on do a small map, for match, hide and seek or tag, based in underground caves connection, and gfz theme for the outside. And since you will usually replace the first map in case of a Co-op one, im in the doubt.

What mapname do you guys usually use when making a match type map? cuz i dont know where to place it onto the map list.

Sorry for the inconveniences
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I think you can put it anywhere (besides other maps if you don't want to replace them, you can view the existed maps in zones.pk3) but the type of the level needs to be marked with H&S, Match and Tag in order to work and type the levelselect header equal to the vannila or modded maps for them to appear at the level select.
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Use a name that isn't used. For my level pack, I wanted to have a level that didn't replace anything, so I used MAP17 as the map name
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