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Default I needed some help for hosting. Any assistance? [Solved]


I have trouble hosting my server and I am in need for help from someone who I can depend on for every step as possible.

The type of internet connection I am using is WiFi. I do have a Modem that is sitting right beside my desktop on my plastic storage tower. I really do have a Lan cable but I do not know if SRB2 only requires it.

The first thing I will do (that is a trick that always works) is I went inside the gateway to create a port for that game. I added 28900 on both interior and exterior of my porting. I did it for all the other games so I think this might work too!

After porting, I launched the game. Then I went into multiplayer and put my gametype to standard to see if this might work. So I checked the "Master Server" display and somehow my server is having issues trying to load. So I refreshed the page and my issue still hasn't been fixed.

I know this kind of problem before. Usually what I would do is refresh the page, and if it takes 10 seconds to load or more, then there is something wrong. I have dealt with this issue and I still could not get around with it.

I will be glad if you help. I will really appreciate it with a thanks.


Solution is solved. Apparently what I did wrong is used 28900 porting instead of 5029 porting. That was my first mistake. The second mistake is I mixed ports with 5029 to 28900 which will probably not make my server visible to the public. So I solved it by removing 28900 and only put 5029 for UDP.

I think it might solve it (maybe not) for people to come in and join. If that doesn't work then I have to create a separate port for 28900 - maybe it will bring more people in... maybe, if it works.

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