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Default DSZ3 - Glass can be spindashed into

As you can see, you can spin into the glass.
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I'm pretty sure it's all those linedefs screwing up the collision. It could also be the thin-ness of the glass, as Tortured Planet also had this issue. It may just be a bug because of how Doom works...
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I've had this happen in levels of my own. Adding another FOF to the Sector or making it thicker would fix this.
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Extremely obviously confirmed, but we're not going to get to it for a while, most likely.
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Originally Posted by 犬夜叉 View Post
Extremely obviously confirmed, but we're not going to get to it for a while, most likely.
Are you implying that eventually, you will actually be able to fix the spindash-into-walls glitch?
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