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Default Dialga.wad (WITH IMAGE!)

Here is the proof. Sorry about no name at the lower left. I can't figure that out. This wad will have a 2D & 3D version. 2D version shown in the image.
Sprites made by Nintendo & GAME FREAK.


Alpha WAD Test coming soon!

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Errr... Wrong section, this should be under Editing not Suggestion and Help...
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We really don't like sprite rips around here. Please read the rules.

12. Do not post recolors, sprite rips, music replacements, or timer socs.
  • Recolors, or edited versions of the official character sprites, are extremely disliked. Making fan characters or bad edits of official characters is almost always bad, and shows a great lack of creativity. Don't make them, and if you do, don't post them.
  • Sprite rips, where you simply take a sprite from another game, which generally doesn't look anything like the art in SRB2, and put it into an SRB2 character. While it's possible to make a good sprite rip into a character, it almost always looks awful. Don't do this unless you know exactly what you're doing.
  • Music WADs, or WAD files containing music lumps to change the soundtrack for SRB2, just aren't interesting. They're also potential copyright violations, so they are banned from the forums entirely. If you post one, it will simply be deleted.
  • Timer SOCs, or SOC files that only edit the time periods for certain things, like Invincibility or drowning, are pointless, and anyone can make them.

These types of WADs are frowned upon, and frequently will lead to your link removed and topic locked or sent to the trash. Even if that doesn't happen, you will get a negative reaction, because nobody really likes to play them.
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