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Default What team have you played in Sonic Heroes

What team have you played in Sonic Heroes? tell me at the comments section below! :D

(FlysterTheFox received an infraction for this post: Do not spam. Put actual content in your posts.)
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Why do you keep posting these one-line topics? When posting on the forums, you need to provide actual content. As in you need to write something. If you're currently into Sonic Heroes and want to talk about it with other people on the forums, talk about your experience with Sonic Heroes. What parts do you like? What parts do you not like? Ask if anyone else has similar or different opinions. Forum discussion doesn't come from "Has anyone else done X?" because the answer is just yes or no. That doesn't create a conversation, which is the whole point here.

Also, this isn't YouTube. There is not a "comments section", and no, nobody is going to like and subscribe your post, so don't even ask. This entire forum is essentially SRB2's comments section. We called those "forums" back in the day.

If you want people to have any interest in your topic, you need to write about something interesting to begin with.
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