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Originally Posted by DarkRiderProductions View Post
3 Words: Call Of Duty
How the f*ck is everyone my age getting into that?
Simple. Call of Duty offers a pick-up-and-play sort of gameplay. All you have to do is kill the opposing team. That and it's yearly release has given it Sport video game (Like Madden) popularity. Most people don't want to have to learn too much just to play a game and so CoD is perfect for them.

I honestly prefer Battlefield. Although to it's most basic point it's like CoD (Shoot that guy), there's actually more to it, like teamwork, actually feeling like you've accomplished something, and using different tactics to complete the objective.
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Call of Duty.
I can't stand how shitty the story is put together and how it's presented. It's hard to understand what the hell went on to get you from the pentagon talking to President Kennedy to a forest in Laos. Multiplayer felt shitty too, with the numerous balance issues and lack of moderation in online games. Hacking a COD game is piss easy, the developers even left some variables for aimbots in the console versions.

I enjoyed it as a kid. I really did. Design was nice, had many sidequests to tackle down, but I only thought of it as a game to sit down and waste a few minutes on. But the other kids? No, this thing was a fucking full-time job. Every second they get a chance they're pulling out their GBAs and playing Emerald(basically, on the bus and various points during school) They're bragging to their friends that they got a legendary today, crying over losing a battle tomorrow, it's a fucking phenomenon! And I'm not about to join in that shit.

Final Fantasy.
Okay, this might just be Pokemon on steroids with a much older and smaller fanbase but I've never been a fan of these games. Gameplay style was always boring to me(which is something that a lot of RPGs fail at actually, it's just that none of them have this many installments) and the games characters always seemed incredibly cheesy to me, in fact, first thing it makes me think of is Kingdom Hearts, which I never got into and not looking forward to getting into.

Mass Effect 2.
Okay, this is difficult for me cause I've played the demo and I really enjoyed it. This was the only RPG that ACTUALLY made me want to buy it(which I still haven't done, flame me later) it's genuinely a great game, but it is overrated BEYOND MOTHERFUCKING BELIEF. This game will show up on EVERY SINGLE top ten list you will see, and IGN went far enough as to consider it the best modern video game of ALL TIME. It's good, but it isn't fucking perfect which nobody can seem to understand. The game may be critically acclaimed hell no is it not popular. NOBODY is playing this and maybe that's why I forget about it whenever I'm looking to buy games.

Red Dead Redemption.
Like Mass Effect 2, this was also critically acclaimed and placed on many top ten slots. Unlike Mass Effect 2, this was developed by Rockstar Games, a company that's loads more popular than Bioware, so this game got around to everyone more. Honestly, I think this was one of Rockstar's more drunk idea scenarios because to be honest, Wild West games are cheesy as fuck and in the end don't offer anything good(living in Texas doesn't help, either) In fact, with all the treasure chests, horse riding, random appearing enemies and shit, this is like Zelda Theft Auto, that's it! It's a dried up Great Sea from the Wind Waker where you ride a horse and commit crimes, only much more gay than that. Other than that, what the fuck is there to see in the Wild West? It's all bland and boring sights, which Rockstar isn't known for doing. GTA's sights were amazing, it also helped that it could render such large maps(you can go outside of the map and explore the city in GTA Deathmatch if you want) But Red Dead? No. It's an original idea, it just isn't a good one. Rockstar's hype and open worlds just appeal to everyone these days.

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Mostly Modern shooting games. Yeah, I don't like them much, excluding TF2 probably. It has this... difference, this CHARM.

I got the opposite case with Portal 2. My classmates find it boring cause they cant get past chamber 5 in portal 1
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Uh, actually, a lot of people hate Call of Duty and other modern shooters. I don't think those games should really count.
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Originally Posted by Bbop800 View Post
Uh, actually, a lot of people hate Call of Duty and other modern shooters. I don't think those games should really count.
The amount of people who do enjoy it are massive however, so maybe it counts. I would also include Call of Duty in my list here, but my reasons for disliking are purely because of the release schedule. I can't believe people will fork over $60 a year for a new game with little to no real changes in gameplay. I own World At War, and that's enough for me.

Pokemon here. The actual gameplay is fine, but it's been driven into the ground with too little alterations over the years. Gale of Darkness (possibly Colosseum, but I never played it) was a good game in that it changed the formula enough.

Fallout 3. I could never get into doing all those side quests. I guess I just don't like doing those. It isn't necessarily bad either, but I find it pretty overrated. The game definitely has it's moments however, and that makes me feel like playing it a little right now.
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Larz T
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3 words. Super Meat Boy
Originally Posted by MaykeAdventuresZForever View Post
I been playing this since I was 9 years old and all I felt was anger.

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Assassin's Creed 2. Never really got into it because I thought it was little more than a GTA clone (sandbox style where you do missions for various people).

Runescape. I used to be a big RS player but now I hate it and every other MMORPG for the same reason: RS got really boring, really quickly, for me.

Call of Duty. Another series of games I used to play pretty religiously. The only real point of CoD is multiplayer; you go on Team Deathmatch or any other team mode and kill the other team's members. That gets repetitive really quickly, and you only do it so you can level up and unlock weapons. Single player? Last time I checked there wasn't much of a Single player mode. Last time I beat any single player mode in CoD was World at War, and I finished it within a week. Heck, I beat CoD 4 within two days, shortly after I got it back in '07 with my PS3. Shows you how much single player mode goes into CoD.
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Originally Posted by Spherallic View Post
I'm so gonna get flamed for this, but I have to say... LittleBigPlanet.

Yes, I'm dead serious there. Maybe I was merely disappointed after seeing it obtain (near-)perfect scores in all Dutch game magazines, but I really didn't like it.
When I bought it (one of the extremely rare times I ever bought a game), I quickly discovered that I couldn't access the editing mode on startup. The Dutch dub of the (few) voices in this game turned me off too. Anyways, I quickly couldn't get past a certain point because you needed 2 players, or so I thought. No one bothered to play it with me, so I got stuck there, and I also didn't like the physics and the overflow of things that happened.
In short, I really didn't like it, and I immediatly returned it to the game shop the same day.

Maybe I didn't see something, or did something wrong, but I just really disliked the game.
Honestly, the first one is rather poor. However, the second one is a huge improvement in terms of editing and gameplay.
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Link Mah Boi
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Lets do it.

MINECRAFT: It's playable, I like playing it, but it's bastard brother terraria has just more expanding gameplay, and the fact that it can have backpacks anywhere you desire. I dont get why people like minecraft.

Day of Defeat: Source: it looks like a source mod, need i say more

Any Call Of Duty: Its the same thing. Same weapons. Same game. Same campers.
I play Dota.
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Originally Posted by Jellybones View Post
Fallout 3. I could never get into doing all those side quests. I guess I just don't like doing those. It isn't necessarily bad either, but I find it pretty overrated. The game definitely has it's moments however, and that makes me feel like playing it a little right now.

New Vegas isn't any different in terms of quests, but I did find the faction concept to really reflect a double edge sword experience, not to mention how great of an improvement they made in crafting. Homemade stimpacks, a med-X/Psycho combo chemical, and on the go weapon repair kits?

Course that itself takes time but I have to say if it wasn't buggy as shit, New Vegas is basically a true Fallout 3 done right. A lot more thinking involved with perks, a balance with the leveling system, weapon mods, beneficial perks from the beginning of the game with an equal loss, a gang of Elvis Presley impersonators ((Emphasis on gang)), etc. . .just save often regardless if you have it on a console or PC.
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Originally Posted by Scizor300
2.1 will be released when Mystic's beard grows back.

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Minecraft, totally. :V
Originally Posted by Majro
or maybe they simply walk at sucking
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I often tend to not like JRPGs much at all. (Particularly the Final Fantasy series.) It's just so repetitive and doesn't add anything new to the RPG genre, unlike the Mario & Luigi series, which I like. The fact that FF13 has been developed for so long and is 60 hours in total length is actually quite sad.
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Hmm... *flame shields ready*

Most FPS
I've played, so I've at least made an effort to get them, but I don't. I do not see the fun in just blowing up and shooting everything. And it's especially bad for me, considering I much more enjoy exploring an area than I do being so serious. Not to mention these games have easily the most frustrating multiplayer modes, that pit friend against friend to see who can be the bigger jackass. I can like some, like portal, or the totally humorous MM8BDM, but COD, Halo, and other ones like that...don't ask me to play those. I just won't...

Most RPGs
I'm looking at you, Final Fantasy. I understand that the experience is supposed to immerse you in a world that makes you feel like you're a part of it, but if that's the case, why can't I do my own fighting? Maybe I want to fake one enemy out and go for a different one. And I highly doubt that any one person is going to say the same thing every time no matter how many times you talk to them. About the only 2 RPG series I've ever been able to tolerate are the Mother series and the Mario & Luigi series, at least they actually have a lot of humor to them

Crappy games that have almost nothing to do with the main plot/concept
The two biggest offenders lately were Sonic and Kirby. Secret Rings and Black Knight just seemed like a Wiimote shake-a-thon, and Kirby's Epic Yarn...well...WTF he didn't even have his most basic ability!! And he can't even die properly...

Guitar Hero
There, I said it. I hate Guitar Hero. All my friends play it like it's the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I personally feel it's monotonous, boring, and just not challenging. It's just pushing colored buttons. Being a real guitar hero takes far more practice, and it's just more cool coming from a real one.

Okay, I'm done with my psycho rant.
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Pokemon and other RPG's
I don't get what the love comes from, it's exactly the same game every single time, AND IT FREAKIN GETS ANNOYING TO SEE THE SAME THING GETTING LOVED OVER AND OVER AND OVER!

Grand Theft Auto
It sucks, and it sucks, and it sucks, it's the same thing every day, kill people, run them over, explosions. That's it.

That's all for my rant.
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