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Um would you mind a new link?
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Usually lurks somewhere.
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And in a slightly more useful note, maybe you could make the slimer... do... ah, wait, I haven't got an idea... ignore me. There's not much you can do and still keep it as an egg slimer... make it leave a trail of something behind it, that explodes like those Star Light Zone enemies? Make it begin in pogo, with some kind of shield that disappears at seemingly random intervals?
Hmm... [insert witty observation here].
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Originally Posted by Fish hook
OK, this might just be me, but an overpower is something like...
Never-ending Invinciblaty
Never-ending double jumps
One hit kills eggman/you
Stupidly fast speedshoes
Effects of armogedan sheild always on
Never die (God Mode)
Ringpatches (You stand in a sertain area and your rings go up)
Crazyfast thoking
never-ending flight/glide

Thats all I can think of right now!
Don't forget SMS!

Also, the link does need updated.
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