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Default Other games in the low poly Saturn/PSX style

I really appreciate the style of SRB2Kart and SRB2. To me it seems they take the low poly Sega Saturn/PSX/Dreamcast look and make it more polished, like if you could take what was best about those systems aesthetically and manage to bring those aspects "up to date", so to speak. SRB2Kart for me is like an ideal example of what I would want in a low poly "retro" game. It's actually the only version of anything like this that I know of, and I practically found out about it by accident. (So a big thank you to those who make and contribute to it. I feel like I discovered something I didn't even know I needed lol.)

Are there any other games at all doing something similar aesthetically?

Also, I'm also excited about these algorithms that are capable of improving old games assets, like this:

I'm into that mid-late 90's era of gaming, and started playing Shining Force III recently. A lot of people find these games to be visually unappealing, and I couldn't disagree more. I often find them a lot more interesting because the limitations created more of a graphical video game "language" which felt more new and otherworldly, if you will, than the more realistic or hyper-detailed games we often see now that often end up in uncanny valley territory. (

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If you like racing games , and that style, i would really recommend Horizon chase
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The closest thing that comes to mind for me would be Anodyne 2: Return to Dust with its 3D overworld. It's absolutely gorgeous, but I think that's partially because of the use of newer techniques when it comes to lighting and texturing and stuff, so it might not be what you're looking for. The models look great and the textures are enchanting, so you might wanna give it at least a glance.
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Honestly Low Poly is so much underappreciated nowadays... Especially since a lot of indie 3D games use voxels instead...

BallisticNG is a nice Wipeout-like game (it even has the PS1 vertex jittering as an option)
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