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The king of porotos. Oof!
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Default Whats this crash?

Hi. I'm here to say that I had a random crash.
I was in Park Valley.
I was super.
But then when I went outside, the game crashed with this message:

I_Error(): Z_Realloc: wrong id

I didn't know what it was, so I decided to create this message.
Now, will you tell me what this is?

And yes, I literally did not know that also happened.
First sigsegvs, and now id errors?

And to finish, I will tell you that that was strange.
Honestly, I was shocked that this happened.
And I didn't know that also existed.

If that happens to you, let me know in the comments.

Well, bye!
Im the king of the porotos but... Looks like..
I will never make a wad.
Since you are seeing this, it doenst mean you are a true nerd.

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