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Default Journey of Emeralds (Alt. NiGHTS Stage ideas)

Anyone else play Journey of Dreams? Y'know, that one NiGHTS game on the Wii, made things more mission-like over top the original game's classic link-chaining play. Well, sometimes while idling about or trying to rainbow A the special stages in SRB2 I'll think "hey, what would an alt. mission be for X zone here?" Well, I sure don't expect anything to come of it, but I thought it'd be kinda fun to brainstorm some alternate versions of the special stages for the JoD NiGHTS style to pair with the current Into Dreams style:

Green Flower Zone: Maybe a Paraloop challenge to collect flowers could be fun? Ramming into the flowers would "pop" them, but paralooping would turn them into Blue Orbs - after the target amount is collected, then they're made into rings. Get to the goal orb with the Orbs target reached before time runs out, and get enough rings after that for the Rainbow A score!

Techno Hill Zone: Busting pipes up to sabotage Eggman's chemical production sounds about right just to mess with him, and could make for a precision Drill Dash challenge. Dash into blue pipe connections to get orbs, and eventually rings - the more you break in succession, the more loot you get out of them! This could be a nice chance to show off some of the cooler saves that can be done with a dash, like rebounding off walls to keep an angle, and generally let players know just how important dashing is to get Rainbow A in normal special stages.

Deep Sea Zone: With all the stupid unnamed fish and stationary mines, this zone would make for a neat Enemy Destruction challenge! Dashing, paraloops, whatever works - just bash those bots open for orbs and rings! Quick thinking on how to maintain links, chain mine detonations, and avoid getting yourself hit will definitely be rewarded with a Rainbow A.

Castle Eggman Zone: Probably the most blatant loss of ideas I've got, but then again Eggman would have no reason to leave an emerald in his own base unguarded. Chase down three Eggscalibur-themed Eggrobos and their key-toting fake horses, smash 'em open before the timer ticks down, and style your way to the next track to free the emerald - a point multiplier for having that lane's key would be good incentive to learn the best route for catching that 'bot and getting a Rainbow A for such valiant heroism!

Arid Canyon Zone: That train's headed straight for a bomb, set by none other than Eggman! Race the locomotive to each oncoming explosive and knock it away before the engine is destroyed to save the emerald hidden inside - and if you feel daring, take all the alternate paths filled with as much danger as they have orbs & rings to get your Rainbow A deputy's badge, too!

Red Volcano Zone: Hm, there's an emerald in that stone ball, but it'll take a big spill to crack it open. Maybe if you can get it to the end of this track, the drop at the end'll smash the rock and let you claim your prize in peace; too bad the pterabots don't agree with you! trigger small eruptions of lava and orbs, clear walls full of rings, and smash any robots that dare to drag the ball backwards fast enough and you may even earn a Rainbow A for your troubles!

Egg Rock Zone: This is the last line of Eggman's defense between you and the game-breaking Super form, and he's bringing out the big guns. Race through the orbital satellite, avoid the traps - and above all else don't let Mecha Sonic catch you, or you'll be dunked straight back to the stratosphere! Risk your run for a chance at Eggman's guarded vaults full of orbs and rings, and you might just scrape out a Rainbow A.

...and hey, remember that all these are all just for fun. If you guys/gals have other ideas for NiGHTS mode challenge stages, feel free to share! Cool ideas like this are just nice to talk about.
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