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I am me
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Default Thoughts on Hugs servers

Ok, so, what's the deal with them, i mean... It's relatively like the other servers but you can hug. But is there anything special about it? I believe it's because of the Amy Hugs mod, but maybe I'm wrong and it has a long backstory or an argumented reason.

This is what happens:
Standard servers are servers for official gamemodes.
Casual are for modded gamemodes.
But Hugs?
Amy Hugs are just an additional action. I don't see the reason for having a server just for hugs. It's like, is it considered a non-official gamemode?
(Actually I don't really see any hugs server)
And because of that then there should be, idk, umm, CobaltBW's Momentum dedicated servers or something. Then there should be dedicated servers for each mod. I just don't understand why.

This is just my opinion
(Also sorry if I mispelled something)

Share your thoughts about them
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Llitechiel ꙮ
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Default you only misspelled the word "misspelled"

It came about because a few of the developers around New Year's were testing new custom gametypes on the Master Server so that it can display them, and they also made the new Hugs room in the process (and yeah, it is to go with the Hugs Lua of course).

I'm not so sure of why it's still up though.
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time gear
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I haven't played on any of these servers so I don't know anything about them, but I would assume they are there specifically for the hugs. Like, just everyone huddling up together and getting into a giant group hug.

I'm probably wrong about that, but if I'm not it seems kinda pointless to me. What's more likely is that the hugs tag is just there so that people joining the server are warned that other players can hug them, since this action can interfere with player movement.
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ms reflec beat stan
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an epic saga in four acts


SCENE: it is New Year's Eve. james is messing with the master server.



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Ikkarou Tatsuru
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If it pleases you to know, it's not something permanent as it was just a test (?) and will eventually be removed since there's no more use to it (?). I guess it was good while it lasted?
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Nonsense. The Hugs server will remain even after all Ringslinger modes are purged from the game in v2.4.
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Group hug!

Originally Posted by Nev3r

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