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Default SRB2 can't find some .wad files.

Okay so I'm trying to load in some character wads but when I do it says that it can't find the dang thing. This doesn't make any since because the wads are in the root directory of the game file itself. Can anyone give me a hand please?

PS: I don't have that good of spelling or grammar but I'll try my best.
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Try using the SRB2net launcher.
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Did you type ADDFILE *WADNAME*.WAD, with the .WAD on the end? Replace *WADNAME* With the name of the WAD.
Maybe you misplelled it? If adding .WAD doesn't work, rename the wad to something you can rembember and try the .WAD method.
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A: Got it to work with the netlauncher. Didn't expect the characters to show up in the character select menu. Thought they would load right into the level.

B: Thank you for the console version of loading the wads.
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