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Default Interested in contributing music to a wad/level

If anyone needs music for their mods, I'd be happy to make music for it. Here are my portfolios:
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Some of these sound like they could already be used as BGM with some tweaking. If anyone is interested, it may be worthwhile to just say which song(s) you'd like a loopable version of made, rather than asking for an original composition.
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Not sure about my existing work but it's possible. I'd prefer to make new songs, but if anyone wants to use an existing piece just don't hesitate to ask and we'll see.
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I have... A stage i'm working on that could use some music. I'd offer the entire wad, but i'd rather not overwork you [It's a four-level+2 boss level pack with 2 levels done and one level halfway done]. A easily loopable track for a specific stage could be nice, and I'd be willing to discuss with you about it should you wish to accept. I also understand you have full right to back out at any time, should you wish to, so don't worry about that.

Is there any way in specific for me to contact you? I am PersistantRubine on Discord if that's a good way. [I'm in the official SRB2 discord, so shouldn't be too hard to find me if you're there]
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