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Trolo Bobo
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Default What is your favorite console?

Whether it's recent or it's now considered retro, I think we all have that one system that we enjoy playing no matter what. So what's yours?

For me, it's the Nintendo 64. Not only did it have some of the best and most revolutionary games of all time, but it also supports 4 players (always fun to play Goldeneye 007 or Mario Kart 64 with your friends) and it was the most powerful console of its time.
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Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It was the only home console I had until I got a Nintendo Wii on christmas 2009, wich is my second favorite console. Ironically, I've never heared something about a N64 or a Nintendo GameCube back then. This was not until someone gave me some emulators and games where I found out that there was a newer console called the "Nintendo 64". A litte bit later, I've met someone who owned a Nintendo GameCube and I told myself "I need that console!" And so, about two years later, I got my Nintendo Wii.
And please don't ask me how I managed to miss almost two entire generations.

But if it comes to handhelds it's gonna be the GameBoy Color because I've spent countless hours of playing Pokémon and capturing all Pokémon with classmates in both first and second gen. I had a 100% save on my yellow cartridge and an almost complete save on my crystal cartridge but both are gone because the battery died :<
and I was about to trade a glitched Celebi from my gold version and it was the only missing Pokémon on my crystal version >_<
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HaloiC QtB
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I've used Xbox ever since I got it back in 2007 after a bunch of PlayStation. I liked both PS2 & Xbox 360 at the time. But there was just one game that changed the ways of playing video games, When we bought 360, the first games we got was Halo 3 & Star wars. My big brother used to troll me in those games, but that never made me pointless. When I played Halo 3, I'm like what is this, I started playing it more & more until I start an obsession with it years later.
I had a Nintendo Wii once, I enjoyed playing with family members playing Wii games. But in the present. No one is the fam played anymore. I had my own Xbox account cuz I accidently bought something from Halo Reach on meh pop's account. Later I finally get my own account. Now in this day, I am a Xbox one gamer & a Majorly Halo & Half Sonic fan.
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Saturn Ross
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My personal favorite console...
Well, I'm leaning toward the Nintendo GameCube, as it was either my first or second console (vs. PS1), so many of my favorite games are on or from GameCube, (Zelda: Collector's Edition was the first game I ever played) but the Dreamcast also has so many good games I enjoy as well, like Jet Set Radio and Sonic Adventure, and introduced many gamers to online gaming, and I'll even say I like that clunky speedboat of a controller. And the VMU- that was a very cool idea. Kinda like today's WiiU GamePad. So for me, it's a tie between the GameCube and Dreamcast.

The MegaDrive also is a personal favorite, but I'm not as familiar with it or many of it's games. (I only really played MegaMan: The Wily Wars, Monster World IV, Popful Mail on the Mega-CD Addon, and Sonic's many gems.) (See what I did there? Gems? Sonic Gems Collection on GameCube? Okay, I'm done.)
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Game Boy Advance, mostly for nostalgic reasons but also because it had a lot of really unique gems on it. It was also the first few handheld consoles to have games that were as powerful as SNES games, and that in of itself was a really large leap.
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WEEYOO WEEYOO! It's the Wii U! The touchscreen is AWESOME! EDIT: AHEM AHEM. I'm responding to that infraction. Yep, you heard me right! An infraction! I removed what I think was the immature content. And, as I said in my introduction post, I am not an adult. I'm not even 12 yet! I'm 11! Please don't ban me!

(EcafRegnaleb received an infraction for this post: Act like a mature adult. Use some common sense when posting.)

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Ace Ice
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I bet theres someone in this fourm just looking for that response that says PS4.

Sadly, no. For my life I have dedicated to the Nintendo DS since my love for it was born in 2005. But now it's 3DS time.

Anyone who asks if I like 2DS as well will be looking for a whooper of a flamewar.
idk what to put here tbh
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The Game Boy Color, obviously! Retro-compatibility! Infrared communication! 56 colors on the screen! 1 mono wave channel! Wow!
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Nintendo 3DS XL. Touch screen keyboard is easier to type.
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Default Nintendo consoles across the board. Disgusting
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My Favorite Console is the Wii U, more graphics,the gamepad has a touchscreen, omg its my dream, but im still use the WII.

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Originally Posted by Monster psychic cat View Post
The Game Boy Color, obviously! Retro-compatibility! Infrared communication! 56 colors on the screen! 1 mono wave channel! Wow!
Pfft. 56 colors on screen?

Clearly the Virtual Boy is the landmark of graphical achievement.


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Lawful Neutral
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For consoles, perhaps it's the PS3. Yeah, it's got some shittiness with all the downloading of patches/updates and the slow UI, but it's always been reliable when I want games, and it's been my main console the better half of the past decade. It's provided some unforgettable experiences, like Littlebigplanet- after coming out of the underpowered Wii and the console of then-last gen, it really made me feel like I'd stepped into the age of 'next-gen'. It was remarkable to be able to create levels simultaneously with a friend. It's also just been a great media hub, playing a lot of different file types and the PS4 can't even touch that at this point in time. Plus, compatibility with PS1/2 titles is a plus. I don't use it super often anymore, but sometimes there's a good game that can only be played there.

My favorite handheld is the Vita, probably moreso than PS3. Gaming anywhere is just a huge boon for a student like myself, and I've gotten so many games on the underrated system- it's my largest library yet. Playing PSP and PS1 games anywhere's nice too, it's just a pleasant system to play on and I'm not constantly lamenting a shitty resolution or gimmick on it. And remoteplay.

I guess I sound like a Sony fanboy here, but usually I find the other consoles to be very underwhelming. PS4 is kind of meh for me right now.

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Spriting and lazing around
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I love the 3DS. I enjoy the portable capabilities and all the awesome games out there! Plus StreetPassing is fun.
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I really like the NES.
The sound of the NES chip is really great, but the PCM channel is really good for sampling(e.g. Sunsoft games). The graphics are also fine, but the con is that it flickers when there's too many onscreen.
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For me, it's unquestionably the Super Nintendo. The SNES has an awesome feature set that just led itself to having my favorite game library of all time. Over the years my giant box of games of SNES games continues to grow, and I've had far more fun playing them than most recent releases. I probably spent way more on random old SNES games than new games last year, and the large library means I'll probably continue buying games I missed out on in my childhood for quite a while.

For more amusement, a photograph of said box: Image

The games in the box laid out: Image

(sadly, my camera and light really, really suck)

In conclusion, I guess I just still really love sprites, parallax scrolling, mode 7 abuse, and that amazing sound chip. The Genesis just doesn't compare =P
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Zwip-Zwap Zapony
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My favourite game system is probably Windows 7. Second-favourite might be either PlayStation 2 or 4.
My favourite game is most likely Ratchet & Clank 1, 2 or 3 on PlayStation 2, but I intend to acquire Ratchet & Clank on PlayStation 4 on its release date this April.
And when I get that game, I'm pretty sure it'll be my favourite game for at least a few years. But until then, I'll probably like PlayStation 2 a tiny bit more than PlayStation 4.
Edit: Some honourable mentions are PlayStation 3, Nintendo 3DS, and maybe Nintendo Wii U too (the latter mostly when I have friends over to play with).

TL;DR: PlayStation 2 for now, PlayStation 4 after April.
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Originally Posted by Mystic View Post
For more amusement, a photograph of said box: Image

The games in the box laid out: Image
Not bad. Well, here goes our collection of SNES games. Not as many games as you have but we still had a ton of fun with all of those SNES games way back. But the probably most valuable game in our collection is this one: "Starwing Competition" and on top of that it is the german version wich is super rare and costs at least 600€ if you are lucky. But the funny thing is that my brother bought it for about 10 DM (Deutschmark, about 20€) on a flea market. That is like the most fortune thing that can happen to a collector. We also have the Super Nintendo mouse with its pad and a strategy guide for Secret of Mana and Terranigma, also on german (Image). Most of the games still have their original box in a like new condition because they are just lying around somewhere on our attic in a box. Sadly I can't (or won't) take any pictures of the original boxes because I don't know where exactly those boxes are on our attic and I won't go and search for them.
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I'd have to say PC is my favorite platform due to free multiplayer, the huge amount of backwards-compatibility, and the fact that you can use it for more than just gaming. I have many good memories of when I was new to SRB2, and I doubt I would be interested in the hobbies I have today if SRB2 wasn't so mod-friendly. Other PC games I really enjoyed include Quake III Arena, Team Fortress 2, and an old fan-made Sonic game called Sonic Arena 2.

If PC doesn't count, however, then my favorite console would probably be PS4, since most of the PS4 games I've played were great, and it's easy to connect and share things with friends.
Originally Posted by Jay
breaking news
acativision shoves out another yearly release for Cape CoD
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Prime 2.0
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Originally Posted by Mystic View Post
The games in the box laid out: Image
Why do you have two copies of Link to The Past?

What is the purpose of this?

Anyways, my favorite console was probably the Nintendo DS. The introduction of stylus control led to some of the most creative games I've ever played, and it had both refined sprite-based games AND retro 3D games - I can't think of any other platforms that had so many of both. The breadth of gameplay and aesthetic was just really nice, and on top of all that it's when Nintendo finally decided to try doing stuff on the internet.

Also, I have no idea how many hours I've sunk into Metroid Prime Pinball - I'd still be sinking more into it, if I hadn't lost it years ago.
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