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Default Minecart strafe jump

A minor bug, I guess? Not sure if you already know about this one or not...
Anyway, during minecart sections if you have at least two railways you can use strafe buttons to jump between them. And if you hold the jump button while doing so, you will leap off the railway (and die because not a single minecart section has this trick in mind).
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I’m pretty sure this is intended and actually is part of the so called “Minecart” skip, where you can skip around 30 seconds of the final section in ACZ2. Its probably there to show that you can strafe at anytime... just not always safely.
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I'm not sure if this is a glitch or not, but minecart skip is done simply by jumping.

What's happening here is holding jump buffers the input, and the minecarts don't have enough time to update the direction there player is traveling and carries the momentum from the rail change.
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...I feel dumb, I didn't realize you could buffer the input for this trick, I thought it had to be a tic perfect jump.
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