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Default PNAMES possibly corrupt

I don't know if this was XWE's fault, or if you guys already fixed this, but in this post, it shows the PNAMES being corrupt. If there are spaces in certain entries in the PNAMES lump, then it should be fixed so they don't have them.
If you see any people named "Torgo" outside of SRB2, it isn't me. I also go by "TorgoRandomNumbers"

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Senku Niola
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I swear this keeps getting fixed by manually finding all the crap, someone keeps compiling PNAMES the wrong way. :<
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I believe the fixed PNAMES is uploaded on the SRB2 wiki. It might be a problem with the PNAMES in the iwad itself. I no longer have a copy of SRB2 to check though.
If you see any people named "Torgo" outside of SRB2, it isn't me. I also go by "TorgoRandomNumbers"
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