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Default I cannot get a good online game (ping), any tips or well help?

I may not know everything there is to know about ping among other internet related things, but i thought this would not be a problem now the days thanks to my decent to good internet.
You guys have any tip or way to help? if possible of course.
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Stop it
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Welcome to the Potato Internet Club.
There's no miracle formula to help you have the best net, but consider closing any other application that uses Internet (Obviously, the likes of Chrome, Discord...) as well as any other device that might use it. Finally, if you're using Wi-Fi, try switching to an Ethernet cable.
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It's worth noting that even if you manage to have the best internet in the globe, the servers you can join may not have a good to decent internet connection, making the extra speed you have virtually useless. It gets worse when those servers aren't in your region.

NOTICE: Game must be restarted to record statistics.
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Usually a high ping means that the connection between you and the server host is slow. Ping is essentially the number of milliseconds it takes for your inputs to be sent to the server and back again, at which point your game will respond to the inputs you provided. If you live in a country that is far away from the country the server is hosted in, you will inevitably experience input lag. I find that most host players are in the Americas or Europe, so whenever I travel to Asia I suffer from about a third of a second of input lag, no matter how good my internet is. Hope that helps you understand!
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Honestly, my normal ping in netgames is 350 and more, I rarely get a 250 ping and never got a ping around 100. You're not alone, but I dealt with it, to justify my ping, it is because I live in Mozambique, which is in the South area of Africa a little to the eastern side, southeast of Africa to shorten it.

By the way, this may be sort of a head scratcher but, back when I used to play in netgames a lot, I kept getting 470 ping in servers that my ping usually oscilattes around 300-350 in days where the temperature is at 37 degrees or above. So my conclusion may be that heat also increases your ping, since I have a Super G Wireless Router, I assume it was overheating at that time as a rational explanation for higher ping? So if you have a router, I recommend not leaving it isolated in hot corners or anywhere else bound to concentrate heat, heck surrounded by many machines, not only that it may influence your ping, but your net as well.
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