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Old 09-24-2006   #1
Torgo's Avatar
Default Hypermysteriousshadonic123311 (Joke character)

I am sure you remember this pic:

Well, I actually made a wad with him in it.

And now the horror begins

Revision 3.1 No Voices (0.35 MB)
Main Server (Flatfilehost)
Mirror (Sendspace)

Revison 3.1/3.0 With Voices
Main Server (Revision 3.1) (3.5 MB) (Sendspace)
Mirror (Revision 3.0) (3.6 MB) (FoxBlitzz site)

You can use him in single player mode.

Thanks to
Alexmonk0 for making the image
JTE for help fixing an error
FoxBlitzz for making the sounds
and to the SRB2 team for making the game

Changes between revision 2 - 3.1
new frames
Now has overpowered ability in current version of SRB2JTE

Updated Sat Oct 14, 2006 1:54 am GMT time
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Old 09-24-2006   #2
Permanently Banned

You officially win the internet today. This is hilarious.

Great job. Now all it needs are stupid voice clips and every character ability =P
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Old 09-24-2006   #3
Callum's Avatar


That's sooooo funny. XD!
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Old 09-24-2006   #4
light dasher

Originally Posted by Mystic
and every character ability =P
is that even posible?,this'll be fun in netgames
Old 09-24-2006   #5

I second that, this is HILARIOUS.
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Old 09-24-2006   #6
Formerly known as 'Neo'
Fred's Avatar

You, sir, are a winner. Congrats. :X
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Old 09-24-2006   #7
True Hyper Sonic

Torgo just won the internet.
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Old 09-24-2006   #8
Torgo's Avatar

Well, I decided to not give him overpowering ability, because people would probably complain. I also didn't give him a superform (I am just too lazy to make one up). Yeah, as soon as I saw that picture I thought I *HAVE* to make a wad for this, so I did.
If you see any people named "Torgo" outside of SRB2, it isn't me. I also go by "TorgoRandomNumbers"
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Old 09-24-2006   #9
Cue's Avatar

Amazing how something that's a yellow sonic with cheesy outlines done in paint, is more impressive than a recolour with a cheesy rainbow gem.

Cookie Jar to who guesses which thing (thing, not person) I'm talking about =3
<+Jev3> btw guys, now that Cue is gone, the Master Server is going to be awesome
<@Mystic> That's a good idea, Cue.
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Old 09-24-2006   #10
shadow the fox
Old Shame account.
shadow the fox's Avatar

ni-ce. i am gonna use that in every netgame.
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Old 09-24-2006   #11
Permanently Banned

Nice work. This wad is hilarious!
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Old 09-24-2006   #12
Permanently Banned

SRB2JTE ability'd. I could only make him 50540740 times as powerful as Super Sonic, though. :( Sorry.

Geh... I hate to say this, but the SOC edit breaks the rules I set up for the new character select menu, thus it won't show up properly until you fix it...

First of all, the "SRB2 version" line doesn't match up with the current version number, just leave that line out entirely...

Secondly, don't edit "character 0" or "character 1" or "character 2" or anything like that, this is part of the SA-SRB2 mod's SOC to organize the menu better, back when it needed to be done as such... The "character" line for your new entry should use the number 0, though it doesn't really matter too much which you use, unless you use something high like "254" so it's always on the bottom of the list. SRB2 will automaticly add it to the bottom of the list and add the other character wads with menu entrys below it.

Third, put the "status" line IMMEDIATELY after the "character" line. This tells SRB2 what you intend to do with that slot, it's very important. Major alteration wads like SA-SRB2 can edit existing character slots (for Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, etc.) by setting status to 128 and then back to 32 before using it, thus flagging that they know it is a used slot and want to edit it, but you don't need to do that here.

Thus, it will appear on the singleplayer character select menu.
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Old 09-24-2006   #13
InuYasha's Avatar

DAMNIT! I was just thinking about making that... :? ..No glory for me, I guess.
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Old 09-24-2006   #14
Torgo's Avatar

I fixed some parts of it up (thanks JTE).

The reason why I did all that stuff was because I used another character as a reference.
If you see any people named "Torgo" outside of SRB2, it isn't me. I also go by "TorgoRandomNumbers"
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Old 09-24-2006   #15
[deleted user]

Great! You my friend have way to much free time on your hands. I love this wad though :mrgreen:
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Old 09-24-2006   #16
Princess Draykon
Plush Princess
Princess Draykon's Avatar

XD! Hilarious! Although he's still missing a godly overpowered S_Skin.
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Old 09-24-2006   #17
Sun's Avatar

And should be orangish, since hes orange in the picture.

However, you would have better off editing supersonic.wad...
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Old 09-24-2006   #18


You win. Somebody give this guy a Medal of Honor.
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Old 09-24-2006   #19
Torgo's Avatar

I think he looks more light yellow in the pic, but I guess I could have done a lighter yellow, but I am not going back and changing it. It took me long enough to make this thing and I am finished with it.
If you see any people named "Torgo" outside of SRB2, it isn't me. I also go by "TorgoRandomNumbers"
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Old 09-24-2006   #20

Originally Posted by Draykon
XD! Hilarious! Although he's still missing a godly overpowered S_Skin.
Nothing going on here
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