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Default Loading addons via config in 2.2

Not sure if someone asked about this already, or if a solution already exists.

Could someone make a tutorial on how to load addons via config files? It gets a bit tedious having to manually load each individual file you know.
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Default Console Command file tutorial

You can't load them through config files, but you can load them through text files.
First, make a normal text file.
Then, put console commands (not command-line parameters!) in them. 1 command per line. You can also use a semicolon (;) to put multiple commands on the same line, like this:
skin sonic; color blue
Once you're done, you can add them via the addons menu, or with the exec (not addfile!) command.
Or, if you want to go even further, you can put a line in your autoexec.cfg (basically the same as a console text file, but it automatically runs at startup. create one if you don't have one) that puts an alias for that file. Example:

alias textfile "exec textfile.txt"
addfile exmappack.pk3; addfile exmappackmusic.pk3;
addfile exchar.wad;
 echo Added!
Then you can just type textfile in your console to add your mappack, the music with it and your character, along with an example echo.
(EDIT: config.cfg might just be console commands. You can probably add them in there too, but autoexec.cfg is recommended.)
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