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Default SRB2 wiki is missing a graphic for Special Stage 8

While trying to make a thumbnail for an all emeralds run video, I decided that along with the original 7 emeralds, I would get the 8th "emerald" from special stage 8 just because "why not".

However, unlike the pages for the first 7, the 8th doesn't show any image of this emerald, nor any reference to its thing object.

Can someone help me find this image, perhaps to upload to the wiki page?
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I think you were talking about when you have to knock on some Cyborg Echidna's door, on green flower zone 1, then sends you to hell as a bonus stage to get your 8th chaos emerald?

They probably removed it in the previous updates.

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They're referring to the 2.2 NiGHTS unlockable's emerald.

The coveted wireframe emerald sprite can be found within srb2.pk3 (in folder Sprites/Emeralds) labelled as CEMGH0.
There is no mapthing for it because it is not a real emerald. The orbiting Ideya takes the appareance of this "emerald" instead.

It's Lua, not LUA
It's "Lua scripts", not "luas"
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