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The Underground Wad Editor
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Default Is this a texture error or was this intended?

I'm just curious to know if the blue area on the boxes was intentional or not.

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Needy child
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You didn't link the image properly, I had to right click and open it in a new tab.
To show images from dropbox, click "share link" for the image you want to show here. Then, close the thing that asks to share. Right click the download button and click copy link address. Then, paste it here. It should look like this:
Just remove everything from the ? to the end.
Now just add [IMG][/IMG] tags.
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Aka Hinote
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That does look like a misplaced texture.

Also, I think this screenshot is relevant to this thread.
In the room with the automatic rings, there is a missing texture on one of the boxes.

I forgot to mention it, but I feel like someone else has mentioned it. I just remember seeing this when 2.1 was released.

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Also known as TemporaryAl
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While we're at it, I'd like to point out that a Sonic player can get stuck behind the boxes in the first picture.
Wrong texture X:464 Y:-5616 Z:0 A:220
Broken box? X:1541 Y:-5572 Z:128 A:214
Again, wrong texture X:6340 Y:-3110 Z:-48 A:5 (look behind you for the right texture)
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