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Default supersonic

This is my very first super sonic sprite(srb2 style) anything needs updating? shading,size,outline and things like that. in case your wondering what i edited. i copyed muzzle from espio(the one that CZ64 made) other thing's are 100% custom


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A Cat
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Not to bad. Just improve the shading. Get rid of the outline or change the color.
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You always forget the ears. DRAW EARS.
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We already have like 3 super sonic wads, I really don't see the need for a forth. What I am saying here is you should try something a bit more unique and not done a thousand times. Besides, super sonic is already in the game, I don't see any practical use for this wad. The original super sonic wad was made because the sprites didn't exist yet.

inb4 complaining about the 2.0 super sonic sprites.

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