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Default Some suggestions.....

Okay I have some suggestions for future SRB2 releases. First on CTF or Match you should make a afk option so you can be out of the game without getting hit instead of spectating and losing all your emeralds and points. Also you know how when you mess up on getting and emblem like if you lose your elemental shield instead of quitting the game and going back in it when you pause their should be an option that allows you to restart. One more thing I was playing online in a server on Castle Eggman Zone 1 and one of those arrow dudes killed be when I had rings.
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Hey admins!
Move this to the Suggestions thread ^^

Despite that, Konata, I think those are good ideas. They should be thought of carefully. How many times haven't I been shotted while away? And how many times did I need to restart from the beginning without getting out of the game and selecting the save again? Yeah, good point.
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Yes yes it is a great idea but its doom so how will they do it if its possible?
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You should at least glance at the stickies before doing stuff, you know.

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