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Default Sonic Robo Blast: The Next Gen.

I'm working on a new mod called Sonic Robo-Blast: The Next Gen.
The Sprites will be based off Sonic The Hedgehog 3 And Knuckles
plus some costum.

I will revamp all the sprites and make some costum charcters. The charcters are Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, Eggman, Xlaiver(costum), Cybronic (costum),EggWalker,EggMobile,and Shade,

The Badniks are also changed the Crawlas will be replaced by crabs who choot laser out ther claws and move back and forth like Bowser.
Jetty-syn Gunners will be replaced by the bees from Sonic 1.
The Stupid un-nammed Robo Fish will be the same except it will jump lower, but there will be a mecha-fish who will jump higher.A new badnik will hang in a tree and throw exploding coconuts.There will also be some G.U.N. Robots.

Scenery won't change mush except there will be Trees, leafs, and more pushable objects.

The Eggmobile won't be the only boss there will also be chaos 0, Mecha Sonic, and Shadow drone 0.5-5.0.

The Multiplayer so far has nothing planed except multiplayer charcters and costums such as Big,Tikal, Metal Sonic, Espio, Cream and Cheese, and mabe if I have permisson Hms123311 as an unlockable for charcters.

Coustumes will include Cyber Sonic, Flight Captain Tails, Fire Knuckles, Space Shadow, Spy Rouge, Eggman NEGA eggman, Iced
Xlaiver, Un-Cyber Cybronic, Eggwalker and Eggmobile will be Eggman dressed like Eggman NEGA inside of it, Full armor Shade, non for Big yet, non for Tikal etiher Metal Sonic 3.0, Ninja Espio, Cream when she apears at the Beach in Sonic X,and I have no idea if I have Permisson For Hms123311.

Amy might be a playble Charcter maybe.

The levels will be diffrent for evrybody Sonic will be relly fast based levels.
Tails will be Flying, and maybe Raceing if I could code it.
Knuckles will be hunting for diffrent items such as keys and Emralds.
Shdow will be doing a misson if I could code it, other wise it will be the same as sonic.
Rouge will be sleathey missons were there will be no rings and if ou gt caught a super fast enemy will spawn out and kill you.
Eggman will be run around and achive parts for his robots.
Xlaiver(X for Short) will be destruction missons.Cybronic willbe setting traps for X(they work together).
Eggwalker will be just like his missons in SA2B.Eggmobile will be fly around and attempt not to be hit.Shade's levels still have no point.
Amy if playble will be to break the Eggcapsle.
It's Just your friendly neighborhood NooB Eggy :D
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You and a thousand others, and they all sucked.
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Permanently Banned

Please try to refrain from creating a topic about a project that you haven't started, as stated in the rules.

You're more than welcome to re-make this topic when you have a little bit more to show us, though!


BlazingPhoenix, it wouldn't hurt to be a bit encouraging, would it?

Anyhow, .
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