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Default Playstation 3 Controller on PC

How to use a PS3 controller on PC? I'e heard that Motionjoy has a virus and is picked up by anti-viruses as malware. I tried using the XBOX360ce but no go. Also, same issue for Better DS3 since it's created by Motionjoy.I don't want to install drivers so SCP is out.

I thought it being a blutooth controller, I get to use it as an anverage bluetooth controller.
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Zwip-Zwap Zapony
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Personally, I use InputMapper to emulate my DualShock 4 (the official standard PlayStation 4 controller) into an "X-Input" controller (most games only support X-Input controllers properly), and then I set up games to use the emulated X-Input controller.

I don't know if the current released version of InputMapper 1 (version 1.6.10) supports DualShock 3s, but I know that DualShock 3 support is on the priority list, and is fully working in the developer's builds, so if not in version 1.6.10, it should be supported in version 1.6.11, whenever that'll come out.

I don't recommend the InputMapper 2.X betas, due to the high amount of configuring needed to get it working, as everything's 100% custom there, where-as it's just plug-and-play with InputMapper 1.X, I think.

Also, I don't know if InputMapper 1.X will support DualShock 3s connected through Bluetooth, but it definitely supports DualShock 4s through Bluetooth, so I'd imagine it does.
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THank you. I'll try it. I only got it for the PC PSNow, however my mom (yes, I still live with my folks, so shush) said I should it for other stuff because she doesn't want to be a waste (she saving for Xmas).
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I installed a driver to my pc which makes the PS3 controller act like a Xbox controller so I can use it for games like Roblox and etc and no I did not use Better DS3 and Joy.
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Yeah, PS3 controllers are a pain to use- but there is a better tool than motioninjoy and iirc I think it's just called DS3Input or something along that, but don't quote me.

In any case you're better off with DS4, it's a better controller and Steam actually supports it and InputMapper is just great. And, hey, it works on most PS3 titles so you're not missing out there. They're pricy but working on 4 systems (PS4, 3, PC, PSTV) is nothing to scoff at.
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